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Teaching STEM Worldwide.
STEMist Education is a student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit based at Lynbrook High School, with over 40 volunteers helping improve STEM education for students of all ages, hosting both events and competitions.

Trusted by Leading Researchers

Sharing cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and providing thought-provoking discussions on a wide range of topics, our past speakers have talked about topics ranging from how they got interested in Biology through hunting game in the Chilean forests to why genetics may one day solve malaria.

Why Chose STEMist?

Well, the short answer is by connecting learning with creating, building, and developing, STEMist Education enables students to find purpose in education, but...

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Globally Recognized in Over Twenty Countries
With a team spread across three continents, it's no suprise that our students and hackathon participants hail from diverse areas.
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Combining Education with Competition
Without an incentive, students often don't want to develop their own ideas, which our hackathon inspires them to do.
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Over Three Years in Business: $3,000 Raised
We are proud to announce our fourth anniversary in the summer of 2023, along with a recent $1,000 donation to Teach for America.
Teach For America Donation

Thank You, Teach For America

On January 16th 2023, STEMist donated $1,000 to Teach for America to help support students nationwide.

Fun and Engaging STEM courses

Topics covered include Astrogeology, Polymer Science, and Guest Speaker Talks.

Fun and Engaging STEM courses