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Accelerating education with engaging workshops

Welcome to STEMist Education, a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Our Mission: Education For All

We strive to empower students with foundational concepts that will be vital to unlocking success in their lives. We're committed to provide education for everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, income with free to ultralow cost classes online and in person.

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STEMist Classes

Reshaping the learning curve

Our Summer 2022 STEM Course provides an intensive 5-week course that accelerates the internalization of concepts taught during class. Learning is reinforced with kahoots that promote note-taking and long term memory recall.

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STEMist Hacks

Putting skills to work

STEMist Hacks encourages students to put their programming skills to work, with riveting speaker talks by real life professionals and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

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WEBS Studio

Improving education, worldwide

We Believe in Science Studios is a Youtube channel produced by STEMist Education that aims to promote our brand across the Seven Seas. WEBS Studio is dedicated to the belief that every child should have access to education, so by making videos, we try to bridge the gap between us here in California to places all over the world.

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By the Numbers

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