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STEMist is proud to announce our Summer 2022 Course from 6/13 to 7/24. Classes are 1 to 1.5 hours long and four unique classes are offered, including Intro to USACO and Machine Learning, AMC8 and MATHCOUNTS Preparation, Intro to USABO and our Physical Science course at $10 per week.

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What We Teach

STEMist's Computer Science course is highly rigorous, teaching languages Python, C++, and Javascript. Our thorough lessons don't just teach students to memorize languages, but help them understand the thought process and reasoning behind different syntax. After learning the fundamentals, students take a deep dive into the applications of computer science, including algorithmic thinking, which is the premise of most programming contests, like USACO. We teach topics that students have heard about, like machine learning, and creating websites with web development, both of which help students succeed in hackathons. Our qualified instructors have experience with multiple facets of computer science, ranging from USACO Silver and Gold competitors to multiple-time hackathon winners. Our curriculum helps students learn to like computer science, and helps them get interested in pursuing it further.

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