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Meet the Team

The dedicated and innovative people that make us who we are

Mentor spotlight

Johnathan Kao

Johnathan Kao is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School who specializes in astronomy and oceanography. He likes to read and play videogames in his free time, as well as preparing for the next competition whatever it may be.


  • Science Bowl 5th Nationals
  • Biology Bowl 2nd Nationals
  • Ocean Bowl 2nd Regionals
  • Geography Bee State Qualifier
Mentor spotlight

Rohan Fernandes

Rising Freshman at Lynbrook Highschool, Likes to code and watch the NBA in his spare time and likes math.


  • Multiple time Hackathon winner
  • USACO member
  • Three years of CS Competitive Coding
  • Knowledgable in NodeJS and React
  • CA Synposis Science Fair Participant
Mentor spotlight

Snehil Kakani

Snehil Kakani is a sophomore at Lynbrook High who loves web development. He enjoys working on user interfaces and backend APIs. He's also a graphic designer, drummer, actor, and more!


  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Honorable Mention Synopsys Science Fair
  • Advanced Javascript and React Developer
  • Skilled with Python and Node.js
Mentor spotlight

Vyaas Baskar

Vyaas Baskar is a rising freshman who enjoys physics, chemistry, math, and programming. He has also been part of a robotics team for over four years. For fun, he creates games in Unity, and plays basketball with friends.


  • Third Year Science Olympiad
  • Consistent Science Olympiad Medal Winner
  • Top 25 in National MYSO tournament in Engineering and Flight
  • Circuit Designer